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NKN Member Deals:

15rmb Tequila shots

25rmb for Beers & Cocktails

ONLY 300rmb for one bottle of Tequila + 4 mixers + Fruit Platter

ONLY 400rmb for one bottle of Vodka / Jack Daniels / Bacardi + 4 mixers + Fruit Platter + tissue

Clubs in 1912 come and go but Mazzo has been a staple on Nanjing's nightclub scene ever since it opened. It's one of the first clubs that sprung up in 1912, and has been a hit with foreigners and chinese year in and year out. Enjoy all types of music including Hip Hop, Electro House, Tech House, Progressive, Trance, K-Pop, and the occasional Dubstep. Hip Hop night on Tuesday, Korean night on Wednesday, Electronic night on Thursday, Weekend Party on Friday and Saturday.

Taiping Nan Lu, No. 52, Building 5, block 1912, Building 6
Tel 025-84537399

Opening hours:
9pm – 6am
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