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Florentina is a place of trappists and artists. Smiling cherubs decorate the wall across from a floor-to-ceiling bottle-filled shelf while sky-themed ceilings provide a momentary distraction for patrons who have grown bored of the conversation.
Florentina offers the widest range of imported craft beers, and their prices and diversity make it a good choice if you and your friends are in the mood to experiment without breaking the bank.

Florentina's 1:
3-101, 22 Nan Yingyang Ying / 南阴阳营22号3单元101
Tel 18602560788
Opening hours: 11am - 2am

Florentina's 2:
2-107, 83 Shanghai lu / 上海路83号2单元107
Tel 18602560788
Opening hours: 5pm - 3am
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