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Mr. Waffle Authentic Belgian Waffles in China

From Belgium with Love..
Our owner and chef is Sieghart Michielsen, is a Belgian native living in China since 2010.

Nowadays, too many shops claim to have ‘authentic Belgian waffles’, while not one is coming actually close to the original. The starting point was to get the REAL authentic recipes that make Belgian waffles so great. China deserves that! All waffles are handmade with great care and high quality local and imported ingredients, all following century-old Belgian recipes from all over the country; with the oldest recipe dating back to Sieghart’s very own great-great grandmother!

Handmade & Natural

All our products are 100% natural and home-made with care, no shortcuts are taken; everything is prepared the real authentic and natural way,with only the best quality imported and local ingredients, without adding any food additives, preservatives or anything not natural!

B133 DEJI PLAZA, -1F B133 No.18 Zhongshan Road,Nanjing
Tel +86 156 1852 4236

Opening hours:
10am - 10pm
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