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Terms and Conditions for NKN Member Card Holders

NKN is a registered brand and may not be used without authorized permission by senior management. Unauthorized use of the NKN brand or logo on products, services, events or venues will be subject to possible action by local police or courts. NKN holds the right to demand any revenue generated by a product, service, event or venue using the NKN brand or logo without the required authorization.

1. We promise not to share any information provided by you. None of your personal information will be given out to third parties. We abide to international privacy laws however different to local policies.

2. By purchasing the NKN card, you are agreeing to the following specific terms and conditions of the Card Agreement. You understand that NKN and its subsidiaries and vendors and partners (collectively, “members”) make available online information and services to cardholders of this program (“Cardholders”). By ordering or purchasing the Card, submitting your information or using the Card you are indicating that you are 18 years old or older and agree to be bound by this Agreement. You acknowledge that the Agreement may be modified or terminated at any time.

3. When you purchase the NKN card you agree to provide NKN with accurate and complete information and advise NKN of any changes by contacting NKN will use this information to send you updates and newsletters. You will receive a NKN card with a card number and expiration date. When applying online, over the phone or with a mail-in application, NKN will inform you when and where to go for pick-up. If you require a delivery, please contact If you are renewing your card, NKN will you inform you when and where to go for pick-up.

4. Each purchase of an NKN card is for a single Cardholder only. NKN does not permit the sharing of your card, or discounts with any other person, with the exception of purchases made at restaurants whereby any discounts, deals or promotions may be used by yourself and one (1) other person, if the rightful owner of the card is present. Group discounts are strictly forbidden unless a venue offers deals, discounts and/or pormotions that state otherwise. If NKN reasonably believes that your card is being used in any of these ways, NKN reserves the right to cancel your Cardholder rights immediately.

5. Fees 1-Year Card: Eligible individuals can sign-up for a 1-year NKN Membership Card. The current price of the one-year membership is ¥100. If you we agree to deliver your card, an additional fee of ¥20 is added for shipping and handling. Membership is valid for twelve (12) months from the day you receive the card. If you receive the card before the fifteenth (15th) day of a month, your card will expire the last day of the previous month the following year. If you receive the card after the fifteenth (15th) day of a month, your card will expire the first (1st) day of that month the following year. As a Cardholder, you agree that all sales and fees are final and non-refundable.

6. Make sure you never lend your card to anybody! If a card is damaged or lost, a new card may be issued to a member. However, the full membership fee will apply in order to avoid any fraudulent action. If a card is unidentifiable due to damage or regular wear and tear, venues hold the right to decline your card and thus any benefits associated with it. We can issue you a new card for free once the damaged card is returned to NKN.

7. Every venue is contractually required to uphold its deals and discounts to all NKN Member card holders. If a venue does not uphold this requirement, please email us at with your name, card number, venue name, name of server and date. We will follow up your complaint as soon as possible. We take all complaints very seriously, but ask for your understanding and patience.

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