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Simply put, we are all about community. We’re about enhancing your stay in Nanjing by connecting you with other expats, and all that the city has to offer. The idea was borne after Chris, founder of NKN, sought to get expats in Nanjing more united and engaged.

NKN has since evolved and grown. We have formalized our operations, expanded our team and diversified our services all with the singular goal of bringing the Nanjing expat community closer and making it your home away fom home.

How NKN helps you.

NKN Member Cards

NKN cards afford you with amazing discount in strategic venues - restaurants, gyms, bakery’s, bars etc. Getting your very own NKN card officially inducts you into the family plus guarantees great discounts at all NKN events.

Although all venues must train staff, you might find an occasional newbie who's lost the plot! Have patience and ask to speak to whoever's in charge. They'll help you out.

NKN Events

Since fostering community spirit is at the heart of NKN’s mission, a variety of events are organized monthly making sure there is never a dull weekend in Nanjing. Events are diverse, ranging from wild boat parties and booze fuelled pub crawls to calm family orientated barbecue's where kids will be well entertained and taken care of while parents meet other grown ups. We have events for every one.